Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thought spurred by one of those interesting emails you get and are supposed to pass on!

I know you have gotten one of those emails.  The ones that require you to pass it on to all your friends, or the worst possible luck in the word will befall you.  I have to admit, I usually delete those pesky buggers every time.  They are cute the first few times, but after that they get a little old.

Well, I read one last night, that ended up giving me an idea for a story.  It’s about an old American Indian legend involving two wolves.  I am going to change it up a little, but keep the premise the same.  I have been forming this idea now for about 30 hours, and it just keeps getting clearer, so I guess that means its a good one.

I am curious though, how does one give credit to the originator when there is no possible way to find out who that was?  I would love to be able to show my appreciation for the idea, and attribute the work properly.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


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