Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Sweetness

Sunday’s can be so pleasant.  The peaceful feeling of a clear Sunday morning, blooming into a wondrous day, are one of those ever so rewarding experiences.  Today is fast becoming one of those wonderful days filled with companionship, love and promise.

The day started of clear and bright, not too warm and not cold at all.  Just a nice inviting temperature, spurring a desire to get out and do something, anything but sit around the house.  The hard part, is Blinda is not an outdoorsy type of person, so we’re compromising.  We are going to go out for a nice meal at a local restaurant, then take in a movie for something a little different.

It has been so long since we have spent a day out enjoying each others company.  This may end up becoming a routine, I kind of hope so.   Now if I can just get her to come with me some day to experience the nature I love so much, Life would be grand.


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