Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still having issues with the navigation

I have been looking at some different templates for the Collaborative Writers Corner.  Part of my problem is the potential for multiple stories in a variety of genres.  I want to be able to set up navigation that will be easy for the reader to understand.  Something that will allow me to separate stories by genre, and title.

There are some real interesting magazine style templates out that may solve many of my problems. The nice thing about them is I could set up each window to show the most current story is the different genre.  One of the templates I saw has a tabbed navigation widget in the side bar.  I like these widgets, because they don’t take up so much space.   I want a template that loads fast, and would love one that does not reload the sidebar every time a reader goes to a new story.

Here’s a few of the templates I’m looking at, in no particular order.

Daily Inspired

Revolution Theme

Zimag Remedy

Cellar Heat

Revolution Church

Zimag Tribune


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