Monday, February 23, 2009

Perhaps a New Badge of Recognition is Needed for Those of the Bard’s Nature!

After today’s Writers of the Web post, I started thinking.  It may be fun to develop a badge of recognition for those Bards I find in my travels.  One I could offer to the talented writers whom I discover in through my journeys.  I may be able to enlist the assistance of some of my new friends, the wonderful artists of Dante’s Pub.  Perhaps even create an Order of the Bard.  A secret order, full of traditions, rituals, and reading.  Sounds like fun does it not.

I would not want to make this as a blog award, and certainly not something one would have to pass on.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a badge to display on their blog if they so choose, advertising the fact their talents have been recognized.  Of course I would have to appoint myself as an apprentice of the order, and scribe.  After all there must be someone to record all the royal appointments that would follow.


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