Friday, February 27, 2009

An Idea for a Title

I have come up with a possible title for Tirashar’s story. It kind of hit me smack in the face, coming right from in front of my eyes. Tirashar’s personality, and many of her physical traits lent credence to the title. Not to mention her interesting journey she is setting out upon.

Ur,Naro h- Helce (Fire and Ice) A Journey of Discovery.

The first part of the title is Sindarin Elfin. Tirashar seems to be regularly torn between being calm as ice, and mad as fire. Her eyes have a tendency betray her and display both likenesses at different times. Her journey is one of discovery, both of herself, and her father. The basis for her journey is the search for her father, a Druid Walker, whom she has never met. Her mother has sent her on this journey, for she (Tirashar’s Mother) has noticed that her young daughter is coming into her magic. She fears Tirashar will need training in order to control this magic she senses is going to be very strong.

Tirashar is going to discover just a little of this magic very soon, and it’s going to leave her unsettled. You’ll have to read tonight's story to see what I mean.


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