Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I think I have decided on a new template.

Collaborative Writers Corner will have a new look before long.  I chose a real cool magazine style layout.  It is real versatile, and most important, has some very useful navigation links. 

I have created a test blog, and uploaded the template for tweaking.  Many changes have already been made, but there are more, many more on the way.  I want to get as much finalized on the code tweaks as possible before I load the template on to the active site. 

The only bad part, is that many of these changes do take a little time.  I’m not going to make any changes that I need content to confirm they work.  I just don’t have anything written.  I suppose I could use an Loren Ipsum generator to load some dummy content.  That may be a good idea, just to see what will happen, and how things look.


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