Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I haven’t found “The One” I was looking for; but I did find some sweet little tips and tweaks.

I’ve been searching a bunch of the tips and hacks blogs, looking for a useable Table of Contents widgets.  I’d love to have something that will fly out on mouse over or click.  Something similar to a menu bar.  Humm, that may be a route to look at.  Anyway while searching, I came across some real nice widgets and code for Blogger templates.

Ever wanted an easy way to see who is twittering about your article.  Amanda Fanzani, of Blogger Buster did a guest post on Blogging Tips that had a neat and simple script for putting all the tweets about an individual post just below your comment section.  Her article, Discussion Options For Blogger, listed a number of things.  About halfway down the article is the script for Tweetbacks by Daniel Zarrella.  This is one of the simplest tweaks for a template I have seen, and works great.  You’ll see it in action on all my of blogs.

You can also add a couple of buttons at the base of your article, just above the comments section.  One of adding to Google Reader, and one for Tweet This.  This makes it convenient for your readers to share your article with their friends.  These buttons don’t show up until you load an individual post, as if your were reviewing comments, or leaving a comment.  Cranial Soup has the code you need, along with a complete and easy to follow tutorial.  To make things easier, do the Share This In Google Reader button first, then add the code for the Twit This button. 

If I find more handy little tips, I’ll share them with you.

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