Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goals, Where, When, and How.

Today, while I was reading a few of my favorite blogs, I came across a quick little post about writing goals on Before I Am Famous.  Suddenly, the lights came on, and I realized that this was a good idea, a dam good idea.  We set goals for everything else in life we wish to accomplish, why not writing.

I am going to have to sit down, and organize my thoughts.  Decide just exactly where I would like my writing to take me.  Is this something I wish to keep doing just for the fun of it, or should I start to consider writing as a possibility for future prosperity.  What type of writing do I most enjoy, that’s an easy one, and which style best suits me. 

I believe I may just go after the one goal I have been considering for some time.  I would like to attempt, wrong term or thought process here, I would like to start writing at least one article a day.  This blog will most likely be the forum for that particular venture, it’s more suited to the daily post.  So as I develop these goals, that are begging to be defined, I will start writing one article a day to be posted here.  

Now I must set down some discipline for myself, and write, write, and write some more.  Anyone who may be following this blog, please help keep me on track and focused toward my goals.


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