Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fun and Unique Writing Prompt!

Ever been stuck, searching unendingly,  for an inspiration to write from.  I have many a time, and struggled for hours, days, even weeks to work out something worthy of my readers. Too many times, I have succumbed and posted articles that fail my test, hence de-value my writing in my eye’s. 

I have recently realized I can get inspiration from other blog authors.  A good friend, Megan, of Posey Sessions, has sent me links to some fun writing prompt sites in the past.  She is very helpful and likes to read and write.  She is very knowledgeable of the art of writing, and willing to share that wisdom.

This one though I found just through my strolls amongst my favorite blogs.  Cafe Writing does a monthly project, supplying number of prompts of a different nature.  This months theme of course it’s Love Letters.  I read a poem on Jane’s Writing that was the result of this project.  I couldn’t resist but to go and see the inspiration for it.

Now I think I must attempt something, short story, poem, I’m not sure what exactly.  But have faith, I’ll come up with something.


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