Friday, February 27, 2009

Found One

I finally got the new template loaded on The Collaborative Writers Corner.   The new template is a magazine style lay out with tons of possible links.  I will be able to use one for each genre, and sort them easily.  It also has a scroller across the top, that I set up with screen shots of the writers blogs, who have joined.  There is also four featured content panels, I just have to get them figured out so I can load specific stories.

I spent about 6 hours the other night, tweaking this template and getting it ready.  Then last night I spent about 8 hours working on it.  There is still a lot that needs to be set up, but the basic template is up, and CommentLuv is loaded.  Now I just have to get serious about some content so we add labels to genres. 

I do have a couple of stories running around in circles within my head.  Once I get them settled down, and can throw a saddle on for a quick ride, I’ll get them written out.  Have to make sure their properly broke ya know.


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