Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feedburner, Improved Under Google

If you haven’t transferred your Feedburner feeds over to the new Google Feedburner, do it soon. I completed the process today, and it only took a few minutes.  What surprised me was the new Feedburner was familiar in appearance to the old one, but so much easier to use.

They still have all the same old gadgets and goodies, but it felt like the user interface was easier to navigate, and quicker.  There are a few new tings that are much nicer.  For instance with just a couple of clicks, you can put Google Adds in your feed.  No more copying code, and placing it in your template.  You can also get feedBulletin, a personalized update that keeps you informed of the performance of your feeds, and suggestion on improving them. 

I spent the rest on the evening sprucing up my subscription widgets, on all my blogs.  I hope to promote my feeds more with the new look.  I’m trying to make them more appealing, and interesting to the reader.

Don’t forget to update your Blog setting when you transfer the feed.   


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